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Campbell River, BC, Canada - Manufacture - Modification - Recovery

MACHINE SHOP FOR SALE - Price reduced  

$120,000 CAD,  $90,000 USD, $630,000 CNY

MACHINE SHOP chūshu $ 120,000 CAD

Business - Custom machining and welding "Services".   Island wide we offer the largest capacity Horizontal Boring Mill along with Cylindrical Grinding, Surface Grinding and Internal Slotting.  By following the links above you can view the facility and machinery in-situ. 

bullet Customers - We once serviced over 300 businesses ranging from small proprietors to large multinational corporations.  Involved in local Mining, Forestry, Pulp and Paper and the Alberta Oilfield sector providing outsourcing capacity to manufacture OEM product lines.  Choose your customer base.  Ability to attract senior tradesmen to our area, there is potential for an expanded customer base, as Vancouver Island diversifies and grows.  We currently service a minimum of clients in a "win win" relationship but are considered inactive.

bullet Shop Facility - 2520 sq./ft. bay with a mezzanine floor and 22 ft. ceiling height + office area 832 sq./ft. total on two floors.  Negotiable building lease Triple Net, includes a 5 Ton Bridge Crane & Compressed Air.  200 Amp - 575 Volt/3ph power inlet with 225KVA transformed for 440 Volt equipment with extra switchboxes.  Expand to CNC tooling, ample power in place.  Centrally located.  Potential to expand + 2100 sq./ft.
bullet Island Lifestyle - A pleasant year round climate to live in and a secure atmosphere to raise children.  Campbell River is a fast growing community with a market population of 60000, having  received official 'City' status in 2005 it is now the third largest city on Vancouver Island.  Known as the "Salmon Capital of the World", Campbell River also offers many recreations including world class Skiing at Mount Washington, Recreational Boating within the Georgia Strait Basin and Provincial Camping and wilderness hiking areas.  Thirty minutes to Courtenay/Comox, ninety minutes to Nanaimo on the Inland Highway.  Campbell River remains the central hub for North Island and West Coast Industry, named as a North American "Micro City of the Future".  Follow the links for more information on our Island Lifestyle.

  Campbell River Chamber of Commerce     Campbell River Tourism    




Option 2 - "Fully Tooled Machine Shop",  FOB (free on board your carrier)

选项2 - 完全冷却的机加工车间,在您的位置重新组装 - FOB(在您的承运商上免费)
Xuǎnxing 2 - wnqun lěngqu de jī jiāgōng chējiān, zi nn de wizh chngxīn zǔzhuāng - FOB(zi nn de chngyn shāng shng miǎnfi)

Increase existing shop capacity or fill community demand for Machine Shop Service.  Rapidly disassemble, load out and re-commission this complete machine shop at your location.    Advantages of this buy plan are numerous.



Machinery may be inspected under power.  Eliminate the danger of purchasing inadequate equipment, save money and avoid disappointment!

Kěyǐ zi qunl xi jiǎnch jīxi qīngdān


Each machine tool is supported by it's collection of tooling and attachments.  Never the case when bought individually through a Machine Tool Broker or Auction House.  Savings in time, energy and money realized.
Měi g jīchung dōu yǒuyī xli gōngj h fjin.


Individual machine tools not required for your local operation can be liquidated to a used Machine Tool Broker or Auction House and cash returned to your enterprise.


我从东海岸(多伦多 - >纽约),南部海岸(德克萨斯州)西海岸(洛杉矶 - >温哥华)装载了许多机器,以及从中欧通过集装箱卸载和运输机器。 FOB(免费乘坐您的运营商)。
Wǒ cng dōng hǎi'n (duōlnduō - >niǔyuē), nnb hǎi'n (d k s sī zhōu) xīhǎi'n (lushānjī - >wēngēhu) zhuāngzǎile xǔduō jīq, yǐj cng zhōng'ōu tōnggu jzhuāngxiāng xizi h ynshū jīq. FOB(miǎnfi chngzu nn de ynyng shāng).


Demand to manufacture, customize and recover industrial equipment remains strong.  Develop a product line, insert CNC tooling, expand your existing capacity or home base, consider this collection of "in place, wired and tooled" machines.  Revenue Canada offers a class 53 CCA write off  for manufacturing equipment @ 50% depreciation/yr straight line!  Purchase as an individual or a partnership, explore the many options available.   View the  "Inventory List" c/w machinery specifications and pictures.  Arrange to view.  Machines none essential to the operation are being sold individually.  Machines have sold, which reflects in the current price. 

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Gǎnxi nn lilǎn wǒmen de wǎngzhn.


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