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Manufacture – Modification – Recovery



Paper Machine Transfer Arms (Set)

The bores were digitally located off of the large radius.  We overbored to trueup and cleanup, and then oversized bronze bushings were manufactured. The mating Pedestals were recovered by spray welding and then re-machined to their original size to match the new bushing bores.







Turbine Pedestal Base (Set)

Base flange dialed up true to axis of pedestal bore and warpage of base trued up.  Heavy Duty steel base plates manufactured for grouting into mill









Sunds Gearbox Housing

Recovery of the worn bearing bores with replaceable steel sleeves, which are locked into position and have an oil drain access slot.  The bores are setup true to the box’s mounting flanges!  We believe steel sleeves of ample thickness and installation tightness are superior to a sprayed and re-machined recovery.  We have completed this project both ways on request of our customer.





Sunds Pump Housing

Sleeve recovery of the front and rear bores.  Housing bores are setup true to the mounting feet and flange.  It is much easier and safer to setup a workpiece like this in a boring mill rather than a lathe.  Also both bores are machined in one setup and are perfectly true!


Alstrom – Sulzer/Bingham – Worthington – Byron Jackson – Wemco – etc.




Reducer Housing

Bearing bore recovery dialed up true to main flange area, rear bores and mounting feet







Housing Line Bore  - Sleeve Recovery

Both bores re-machined in one setup which results in a perfect alignment! 






Valve Body

-offsetting errors in the bolt pattern holes because the mating flange holes in the mill were hand layed out.  We electronically layout all large bolt patterns of this nature on our Boring Mill using the onboard computerized Digital Location Readout. We mechanically index smaller bolt circles on a dedicated post drill fitted with a rotary table! These procedures save time and money when faced with future failures and ease of mating OEM replacement components.









Modifying a sealing flange on a SS housing


Turbine Body recovery,

Valve Body Inspection and reface








Felt Roll bearing pedestals Custom Manufactured













Kinney Strainer - Recovery of the perished lands

Last go for this one due to pitting!, but a few more miles was welcomed.


Reface of the flange areas – minimum cleanup

Bronze lands and seat manufactured, installed and taper machined to suit cone














Thick Two Part Epoxy prime coat to the interior after sandblasting.







Sunds TMP Refiner Bedding Housings


We internally mill pockets within the bore to accept special bronze wear strips.  This recovery provides extra wear area, greatly extending time between re-builds.  A pocket for a steel recovery strip of the top keyslot is normally milled in and installed at the second recovery.  We manufacture the Bronze Wear Strips and Keyslot Insert in house.






The 22” mating Bearing Capsule is spray welded with a specially selected powder and then precision ground to size.  The Ground Finish proves to be far superior to a turned finish in this case providing exceptional hours between recoveries.






The long and skinny


 the recovery of the bolt patterns and surface areas of this 14’ SS workpiece was very economical.



Compressor Barrel - Recovery









Pulp Auger CR Industrial Machine has the capacity to get the job done.


Bud Couplings


Internal Slotting – Precision machining of Bud Couplings for a Paper Machine drive.








Precision Grinding of a Selectifier Shaft


There is no better mating surface for a bushing, bearing or seal than a precision ground finish – Customers inform us that the hours between recoveries have significantly increased due to our grinding of seal and bearing surfaces!





CR Industrial Machine Machine Works LTD

1311 Spruce St., Campbell River, BC, V9W 3L6

Ph: (250) 286-1175  Fax: (250) 286-1134



Manufacture – Modification – Recovery



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