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Spray Welding and Grind Recovery


What is it?

Spray Welding (Metallizing) is a process where very fine molten particles are propelled onto a revolving workpiece. The particles, traveling at extreme speed and temperature impact with the base material and diffuse to form a metallurgical bond (microweld) with the workpiece. Application systems include Plasma HVOF, Electric Arc, and Combustion Spray. We employ Combustion Spray systems because of the greater flexibility and proven economy combustion provides. Our systems allow us to spray various alloys including Stainless Steels, Aluminum Bronzes, Ceramic coatings for areas requiring high hardness and inert properties (corrosive packings) and nylon or zinc coatings for protection. We also provide Fusing Alloys, which are applied and then fused into a molten state which seals all pores and produces a true metallurgically bonded deposit. Spray welding coupled with our Universal Cylindrical Grinder allows us to produce superior fits and surface finishes, using high density or super hard recovery alloys.


Where is it used?

Spray Recovery provides a solution to worn bearing seat areas that are assembled with a locational fit (interference) and in some cases where a sliding fit is required. Low temperature sprayed surfaces do not fare well in areas subject to shock loads when combined with running or sliding fits. Specific alloys provide excellent service life for seal surfaces and packing areas and our grinding capability greatly complements these recoveries. Call us for a recommendation with regards to your particular application.


Why Consider Spray Recoveries?

Spray Recovery and Modifications have proven to be a cost-effective solution to repeat shaft failures. Typical costs average 35% of shaft replacement along with improvements in service life in many cases.